Poor health, alcoholism, and malnutrition

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Is there a correlation between ?

There is a direct correlation between poor health, malnutrition, and alcoholism.
Generally speaking, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to inept eating behaviors. Calories are derived more from beer, cocktails, and straight alcohol versus actual food intake. As a result, the risk of malnutrition is heightened because of a deficiency in protein and vitamins.

The most common and severe deficiencies occur with the family of protein, B vitamin complex, and vitamin C. Additionally, only the human liver may detoxify alcohol. Anytime the liver is inundated with an exorbitant amount it may become inflamed with either alcohol hepatitis or a scarred cirrhosis.


The vitamins, herbs, coupled with other supplements serve four different roles::

  • Magnifies supply of protein in the body
  • Replenishes depleted nutrients
  • Supports and strengthens a damaged liver

Basically, there are two normal ways to overcome the cravings of alcohol. One can be found with acute withdrawal. The other is a long-term recovery. With acute withdrawal, complete medical care under the care of a physician is necessary. Since the malady of symptoms is associated with acute withdrawal, such as deliriousness, seizures, and treatments a healthcare-like facility will help alleviate the pangs of withdrawal.

Nevertheless, each person endeavoring to cease chronic use of alcohol should try to for the sake of their health. Long-term recovery transpires when a person has stopped drinking alcohol and is medically stable. In the throes of the recovery process, a variety of vitamins and supplements should be taken.

For example to circumvent insomnia and restlessness, valerian or kava work as sedative herbs. Vitamins and proven supplements are not limited to herbs that induce sleep. In fact, other important herbs include B complex vitamin complex, thiamin vitamin C. Not to mention, the B vitamin complex will help quell withdrawal symptoms.

Aside from acute detoxification, are there any other home remedies to clear alcohol from the body’s organs and tissues?

Despite acute detoxification, there are a few amazing home remedies for clearing alcohol from the body. For starters, vitamin C plays an integral role in freeing the body. Additionally, certain evaluations have depicted that extracts from the kudzu vine appear to soothe and lessen the cravings of alcohol.

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