Bodybuilding Blunders

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The most common bodybuilding blunders

When it comes to lifting weights, everyone has their opinions. While some personal trainers advise going fast, others recommend the slower movements. Other workout experts endorse using resistance training bands, while others experts refute weight machines. It seems like there really aren’t any easy answers when it comes to weight lifting.

Regardless of what tempo of weight lifting or exercise accessory we use, one must not forget the form. To demystify the proper way to lift versus the wrong way, a group of workout trainers reported the following bodybuilding blunders:

1 – Not breathing. Even though it is a prevalent faux pas to neglect inhalation and exhalation, breathing plays an integral role in weight lifting. During each lift, the blood pressure temporarily elevates; as a result, failure to breath makes the pressure rise. With the impetuous drop, the drastic fluctuation could cause the bodybuilder to pass out. Or even worse, for heart patients, it could trigger a stroke.

How to fix it: To quell the urge to hold your breath establish a breathing tempo during each repetition. The general rule is to exhale when the muscle is contracted and inhale at the release.

2 – Short circuit. There’s a tendency amongst weight trainers or bodybuilders to stop short before the lift is completed. However, it is quite important to complete the exercise in its entirety for full range motion. Generally, the blunder is committed during bicep curls. The problem with performing a short-circuited curl is that only a portion of the arm is getting the benefit of the exercise.

How to fix it: To remedy the short circuit issue, perform each exercise in a controlled motion through the entirety. Take heed to completely contract the movement of each motion so that all the muscles will reap the strength building advantages.

Most common bodybuilding blunders

Despite the various trends and paces of weight lifting, it makes for a perplexing strength workout session. Nevertheless, whatever rhythm of weight lifting one chooses, the proper form must not be disregarded. Review the next series of bodybuilding blunders to assure good muscle mass development.

3 – Hip-lifting. During bench presses, it is a natural impulse to elevate the hip from the bench. However, when the hips are lifted, the angle of the shoulders shifts when the bar is raised. Consequently, only the lower part of the pectoral muscles is engaged during the lift. Since the feet are contributing to the weight lift movement, the pectorals are not being worked to the max. Not to mention, it imposes a strain on the lumbar spine. It is important to remember that excessive extension or flexion of the vertebrae and in conjunction with loading may be detrimental.
How to fix it: To circumvent making the above mistake brace the legs on the bench with the feet planted firmly on the ground and the knees bent. The movement impedes the propensity of arching the back.

4 – Swaying and rocking. When doing bicep curls, the swaying movement of the pelvis, hips, and back and forth is cheating. It means that the momentum us boosting the thrust of the dumbbell upward. Since the isolation of the muscles is not being utilized the benefits of the exercise is defeated. More importantly, by doing the back and forth movement, a person can throw out the lower back from the rocking motion.

How to fix it: To assure peak performance of the, engage the bicep to move the bar, only. The strength exercise should be executed in the seat position with the legs spread, and an elbow on the corresponding leg.

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