Boxing Classes

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Boxing Classes are an excellent addition to your workout to help firm and trim down.

With more and more people becoming interested in fitness classes as well as a workout routine, more and more people are joining boxing classes as well as martial arts classes.

Boxing and martial art programs are both great sources for aerobic exercises. Both dealing with a hard-line regimen of dieting and constant movement and breathing control. For example, both have you train your legs for quick movements, powerful chest, and shoulders for heavy hits, and last but not least a strong midsection to absorb hits. Here are the areas with an in-depth detail of the way to train these muscles.

Boxing Classes

Legs, to strengthen this area you should do squats, adduction as well as abduction exercises.
Back, to have a healthy strong back you should do pull-ups and rows.
Chest, for a great chest you need to do bench presses and dips.
Shoulders, military presses and lateral raises.
Arms, biceps curls, and triceps kickbacks.
Midsection, crunches of all types.

And last but not least is the neck. For this, you should really focus on the later flexion, extension, and flexion.

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