Flat Bench Press and Decline Bench Press

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Flat Bench Press

The bench press is a staple point of every workout strength program. The goal with this is to not worry to dwell on how much you can bench but more on your form and your muscles involved such as the pectoralis and deltoids along with the triceps.

Here is the proper way to perform this exercise.
1. Lie on your back with your feet flat, but if you are more comfortable with your feet on the bench then do so (this also helps to isolate the muscles a bit more and is a good way to reduce tension on your back as well.) Just keep in mind not to arch your back.
2. Grab the bar slightly wider apart than shoulder width.
3. Carefully lift the bar from the uprights.
4. Then slowly lower the bar to the highest point of your chest, keep in mind do not bounce the bar off of your chest this can lead to serious injury, then return the bar to the initial lift point and repeat.

Decline Bench Press

Decline bench works the lower part of your chest for that all around defined look for your chest this is an important exercise.

Here’s how to perform decline bench presses properly.
1. Sit on the bench making sure your feet are secure under the pads then slowly begin to lie down, keep in mind to not hit your head on the bar.
2. As in any bench, exercise grabs the bar with a slightly wider than shoulder width space.
3. Begin to slowly lift from the uprights. If the weight is too heavy have someone spots you.
4. Steadily lower the bar to your lower chest area, keep in mind not to bounce the bar off your chest to avoid serious injury.

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