Low Carb Diet

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Important Info on the Low Carb Diet

In the realm of nutrition and over health, many weight conscious individuals are confused by the validity of low-carbohydrate diets. To demystify the trendy weight loss program, a preventive medicine and nutrition expert of the Mayo Clinic, share the following details on low carbohydrate foods.

Low Carb Diets

Are low carb foods healthier than regular carbohydrate foods?

Despite, the term ‘low-carb,’ it does not connote that food is healthier. Although certain foods are deemed as containing reduced carbohydrates, they are generally higher in fat.

In the United States, since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not been legally defined, there is not a formal guideline on what separates low-carb foods from other ones.

What is the definition of low carb food?

In actuality, low carb and other similar forms of the word are marketing jargon. The manufacturers innovated to the terminology to promote food products. The term ‘low-carb’ refers to foods with small amounts of carbohydrates.

Are there any drawbacks to consuming low carb food products?

Since low-carb food products have only been available for a short span of time; drawbacks have not been identified, just yet. Alternatively, reduced carbohydrate foods have been found to contain more calories and fat. Moreover, certain products may pose digestive symptoms.

For instance, when food manufacturers produce low-carb foods; such as candy bars, the carbohydrates are substituted with sweeteners (maltitol or sorbitol) that may cause adverse effects (cramping, gas, diarrhea, or other digestive discomforts).

How do total carbohydrates and net carbohydrates differ?

Total carbohydrates are defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) while net carbohydrates are based on the manufacturer’s calculation. The FDA assesses carbs by subtracting the grams of fat, protein, ash (the scientific term for the non-burnable components of food including minerals) and water from the total weight or density of the food. The final number is detailed on the food nutrition label as ‘total carbohydrates’.

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