Proper form of weight training

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Sets, Reps, and Weight Training Basics

Before you start pumping iron, it is first important to use the proper form of weight training. Results driven weight workout entails proper movements, sets, and repetitions. Improper forms and ranges of motion may cause injury. Every single movement plays important role in muscle building. Consequently, each full range of motion is essential.

The strategy to full range motion is to slowly complete each range of joint movement in a controlled manner. The focus should be targeted at the contracted position. The signs of an unbearable weight are anytime it makes your body bounce, jerk or swing into the first movement. Any time the form is compromised, the injury may occur.

Proper form of weight training

Sets and Repetitions

Certain lifts and various exercises are done in sets and repetitions. A set of a succession of repetitive moves (12) without resting; while repetition is the number of times, the move is repeated in each set. For example, if your trainer told you to do three sets of quadriceps leg machine curls, you would do 36 quadriceps movements with breaks after 12 consecutive curls. A rest period of time should take place after each set of twelve movements. Multiple set exercises are generally executed within one to three minute rest periods. The advantage of doing multiple set exercises can be found in its caloric burning powers.

High-intensity weight training

High-intensity workout involves a single set of exercise. The movement is completed in one set because another set would almost be impossible. This is commonly referred to as high-intensity training. The underlying benefit of singular set training is how it condenses the duration of the workout.

Exercise Movements

Dipping Triceps Bends targets the backs of the arms. To get started, sit on a bench and grip the edge with both hands. Move forward to the tip of the bench, until the body is supported by the arms. Gingerly, lower the body bending the elbows at a 90 angle, then push the body upwards and count to three. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Moth Extensions focus on the muscles between and around the shoulder blades. Using a dumbbell in both hands drop down on one knee. Leaning slightly forward, bringing the chest towards the thigh turn the palms to face inwards. Make sure the elbows are slightly bent and then extend both arms to the level of the shoulders on each side. Perform the exercise ten times. Rest between sets. A total of three sets are recommended.

Butterfly Pecs are the perfect exercise for toning the chest. Lying on the bench with your back flat hold dumbbells in both hands. Extend arms on each side of your body so that your body is in the shape of a crucifix. Then gradually elevate the arms. Make the arms touch each other directly above you for a few seconds, Next, lower arms and return to the original position. For the best results perform three sets with 10 repetitions.

Core Balance
The abdominal bridge is an effective way to ensure good posture and abdominal control. Recline on your stomach while tucking under the toes. Next, elevate the body by resting the forearms on the floor. Maintain the position for up to 30 seconds. Remember to keep the derriere tucked in with the back flat. Using the abdominal and stomach muscles hold the position. Try to perform the movement three to four times.

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