Weight Loss and Diet

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Weight Loss and Diet

Diet and weight loss are synonymous with each other. They simply go hand in hand. Everybody wants to lose weight one way or the other. Diet and weight loss are like a bird and its feathers, one just does not work right without the other. One sure fire way to lose weight is to go on a diet. The main thing you do when you go on a diet is you lose weight.

See what I mean, diet and weight loss are like Adam and Eve they just compliment each other immensely. If you get yourself on a low calorie, low-fat diet and weight loss do not occur the only other thing you could need to add to your diet and weight loss plan would be exercise.

A lot of people think the hard part of getting in shape is just choosing a diet and weight loss plan. Or some think once you’ve chosen your diet and weight loss plan the hard part is getting started. Actually, the truly hard part is asserting your willpower and sticking with it. If you have the staying power, diet and weight loss can improve your quality of life, so good luck.

Weight Loss and High Protein Diet

Is there proof or any validity to how high protein diets may influence weight loss?

New clinical trials are showing the advantages of high-protein diets. Throughout the years, there has been outstanding controversy regarding which foods influence weight loss. However, there is insufficient evidence regarding the effects of high-protein diets over a long span of time.

Muscle weight loss

 Build Muscle Weight Loss

The recent findings recommend that dieters who are reducing calories while increasing physical activity will significantly benefit from foods rich in protein. Nonetheless, recent trials are suggesting a diet ample in protein may prove to be better than high-carbohydrate, low-caloric, diets because it increases satisfaction and decreases fat mass.

The clinical study monitoring more than 45 overweight women confirmed the evaluations of prior studies that indicate how the high-protein diet can impact greater fat loss than a low-calorie diet with high volumes of carbohydrates. The participants included 48 women over the age of 46 years old with a body mass index (BMI) of 33 or more.

Half the women have prescribed a high protein diet for four months containing specific levels of leucine (one of the vital amino acids). The others subjects followed a diet based on the US food guide pyramid which was comprised of higher volumes of carbohydrates.

Alternatively, researchers of the University of Illinois have concluded that when the regimes of a fitness program were coupled with a rich protein diet, substantial body fat was diminished and proved more efficacious.

An interactive effect transpires with regular fitness of the additive of a protein-rich diet. In confluence, exercise, reduced calories and protein two work to amend the body’s composition. As a result, dieters reduce more weight, while losing fat without compromising muscle.

A high protein diet was found to be effective in compelling weight loss because the excess protein diminished muscle loss compared to the low-carbohydrate diet which proved low insulin, enabling the body to burn fat.

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